Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Case You Missed It: A-Rod's Press Conference

There have been mixed reviews regarding A-Rod's performance during this pressure-packed and vitally important press conference.

What cannot be disputed was how powerful and meaningful having the full support of his teammates was to him.

For those of you who did not watch the YES Network coverage, here is a picture that truly 'speaks a 1000 words'.

Whether or not their motivations are for A-Rod's personal benefit or for their own goals of winning another title, the team has clearly displayed their desire to rally around him.

Here are the videos of A-Rod's press conference in its entirety. The conference is broken up into three sections, including his opening statement, and the question and answer segment separated into two parts:

Alex Rodriguez's Opening Statement:

Part 1 of Reporter's Question & Answer Segment

Part 2 of Reporter's Q & A

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