Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod Comes Clean About Steroid Use

News broke within the last few minutes that Alex Rodriguez has acknowledged using performance enhancing substances from 2001-2003.

Following my instructions to perfection thus far, A-Rod has admitted that the reports of a failed test are entirely accurate, making no excuses or claims of defamation.

Rodriguez also took the correct course of action in completely quarantining his use of steroids within his time in Texas.

This allows him to be sucked in to the rampant drug abuse of the Rangers’ clubhouse, while exonerating himself of cheating during his years in Seattle and in pinstripes.

It was clear all along that the only path towards redeeming and salvaging his legendary career was to start off with a public apology and admission.

America will now wait with bated breath to hear Rodriguez’s interview with Peter Gammons tonight on ESPN at 6 PM.

If he comes out of the segment appearing remorseful for his actions, as well as displaying an honest approach to the questions asked of him, he will have taken the correct first steps.

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