Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Bronx Is Burning on MSG

The hit mini series The Bronx is Burning will once again return to your television sets.

Premiering on April 5 on MSG, fans will get a second chance to view the turbulent rises and falls of the 1977 'Bronx Zoo'.

From Billy Martin's outbursts to Reggie Jackson's three home run World Series game, the series captures the true essence of what Yankee baseball was like during the Summer of Sam.

The re-runs will include the addition of new interviews and reactions from players that experienced the memories first hand, and will give a further glimpse into the era.

Below is the show's introduction, beginning with a small teaser of what to expect within the volatile relationship of George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin:

I would certainly suggest tuning in at 9 PM on Sundays to check it out. It truly is an excellent program, and the new interviews are sure to be intriguing.

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  1. I'm lookin forward to watchin it again...msg actually added some really cool interviews from some throwback all star players! its pretty neat..check it out here theres a bunch:

    Yankee Legends Speak


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