Monday, March 9, 2009

Double Your Luck: A-Rod's Surgery is a Success on Two Levels

Dr. Marc Philippon, the surgeon who performed Alex Rodriguez’s hip surgery this morning, had only positive things to report.

The procedure “went as planned” and he encountered “no surprises” while completing the arthroscopic repair.

While this is to be expected from one of the top hip surgeons in the United States, it was simply the tip of the optimism iceberg.

Dr. Philippon added that there was “no doubt” that “this was the best option for Alex and the Yankees.” He earlier believed that this procedure gave A-Rod a 90-percent chance of lasting the entire season without incident.

The concern over an obligatory second surgery on Rodriguez’s hip in the offseason was also vastly reduced by Dr. Philippon’s diagnosis.

He strongly believes that A-Rod will not only be ready for opening day in 2010, but will also be able to join the team in Tampa for spring training in February.

Dr. Philippon was so encouraged by the success of the initial repairs, as well as what he saw within the hip joint, that he foresees little chance of complications arising.

Rodriguez’s rehabilitation is set to begin today with range of motion work on an exercise bike. The ability for such immediate activity is a telling explanation for the shorter recovery process.

The Yankees must be ecstatic to hear good news amidst a wave of negativity and misfortune. They can now focus of treading water through April without their best hitter.

So long as Boston or Tampa does not run away and hide with a lightning face start, it appears that the Yankees will soon be back on their heels.

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