Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MLB '09: The Show and 2K9 Win Big in Ad Campaigns

I do not even own a Playstation 3, nor have i played any other video game system in quite some time.

In fact, the most recent baseball game collecting dust on my closet floor is MVP Baseball 2004. It proudly displays Albert Pujols on its cover.

However, after watching the marketing campaigns presented by MLB '09: The Show and MLB 2K9, maybe we all should give them a shot.

In their two recent commercials, they feature players such as Dustin Pedroia, Tim Lincecum (in human form as well as CGI), and a beautiful cameo by newly acquired S.F. Giant Randy Johnson.

While the Lincecum commercial is clever and entertaining, the Pedroia piece is clearly the pick of the litter.

Even as a die-hard Yankee supporter, i grow more fond of the reigning AL MVP on a daily basis.

Check them out for yourself if you haven't already. Presented to you for your viewing pleasure:

Dustin Pedroia vs. Playstation

Tim Lincecum & His Animated Clone

Now if that does not make a baseball fan want to own these games, i am not sure what will. Short, sweet, and to the point...yet very funny and eye-catching.


  1. Oh! I havent seen these ones before, but these are great. haha i love baseball, i think the yankees might do good this year, i really like their signings

  2. Haha aren't they hilarious Nick? I definitely hope the Yankees can put it all together once A-Rod returns healthy. For now, i have to accept the WBC and spring training as the only baseball i can watch.

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