Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scheduled Stadium Visits

Thus far, I have been lucky enough to guarantee a minimum of eight trips to the new Yankee Stadium.

There will be many more to come on the horizon, but it is a good start as a non-season ticket holder.

Tomorrow will be my first stadium visit, as I will be attending the first Yankees workout in their new home (barring a severe weather hindrance).

If the heavens open up and rain on our inauguration, it is official that the spirits of "The House that Ruth Built" are furious.

Along with tomorrow's honor, there are currently seven games that I will be attending.

They are:

April 22 - Oakland Athletics

May 18 - Minnesota Twins

May 22 - World Champion Philadelphia Phillies

June 3 - Texas Rangers

June 17 - Washington Nationals

July 20 - Baltimore Orioles, and

Aug. 8 - Boston Red Sox (a must as always)

I am hoping that I will begin to feel comfortable by the Red Sox game.

It will occur after the All-Star break, and the electricity and emotion of the rivalry should make it feel like home again.

Hope to see some of you out there. Should be an exciting season.

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