Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stadium Deconstruction: The Harsh Reality of the End of "The House that Ruth Built"

Even after the completion and opening of the new stadium across the street, "The House that Ruth Built" still stood in tact.

Though it represented every timeless memory of the Yankees' storied past, its insides looked nothing like we had all hoped to remember it.

The exterior walls appeared unaffected, and with a quick glance looked ready for more October baseball.

The harsh realities of the end of an era are floating to the surface day by day.

A few weeks ago, I brought an overhead image of the deteriorating Yankee infield.

Today, I unfortunately bring some of the first photos of the dismantling of our former baseball sanctuary.

They are truly difficult to look at, and still symbolize a truth I am not ready to face.

Much like a friend or family member that has passed on, you still feel as though it will always be there for you to see whenever you need it.

The new stadium is truly magnificent. I simply hope the electricity and atmosphere in the stands can live up to its legendary ancestor.


  1. It's the end of an era, but I'm really hoping the new stadium will usher in plenty of great memories (and championships). It's too late to think otherwise. We have no choice in the matter. Sob.

  2. Absolutely true, and thanks again for your insightful and educated responses Jane. I am sure that it will be a special place, but I am still having some trouble letting go to "The House that Ruth Built."


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