Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Special Thanks to WBSU 89.1 FM Radio

I would like to extend appreciation to the guys at The Point After of WBSU 89.1 FM radio in Rochester, NY.

They were generous enough to invite me onto their program today to talk Yankees baseball for 10 minutes.

The hosts do a great job up there, and I urge all of my readers to check out the site and give them a live listen.

We discussed many topics about the recent troubles of Alex Rodriguez off the field, the feedback stemming from the opening of the new stadium, and the current state of the Yankees.

The unavoidable topic of Joba Chamberlain's possible return to the eighth inning role was also covered, as well as the importance of Chien-Ming Wang and Phil Hughes.

I look forward to speaking with them again in the future, and ultimately had a great time on the show.


  1. I didn't get a chance to hear the broadcast, but I'm interested in hearing where you stand on the Joba to the 'pen issue. It's the most heated debate in NY since the Bro vs. the Manziere.

  2. I have been a believer that Joba belongs in the rotation for quite some time now. Hughes AND Wang will have to pitch very well to even make the decision rational, which is asking a lot. If both DO pitch consistently moving forward, NY really has no choice but to return Joba to the 8th.

    The bullpen has been downright awful, posting a 7.18 ERA when excluding the injured Bruney, and Marte was recently added to the DL. As much as I'd like to argue against it, you simply cannot avoid the obvious.


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