Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jeter Finds Yet Another Way to Scatter Name Amongst the Game’s Greats

Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has been doing nothing but climbing historic lists since donning the pinstripes for the first time in 1995.

Another milestone was unable to hide from Jeter’s ever-expanding legacy, as he became just the fourth Yankee to surpass 1500 runs scored on Tuesday night against Texas.

The Yankees are a franchise boasting 26 World Series titles, as well as employing 34 Hall of Fame players at one time during their careers.

Any time a player is the “fourth” to do anything in a Yankees uniform, it is always an extraordinary feat worthy of celebration.

This occasion is no different, as Jeter joins only Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Mickey Mantle in rarified Bronx air.

In true Jeter fashion, he would not score his 1500th run in a moment that did not require it.

He would instead score the go-ahead run in the most emotional of moments, supplying New York with a lead that it would never relinquish.

Aided by a clean, hard slide by an angered Mark Teixeira at second base, Jeter was able to cross home plate and into the history books for what seems like the 100th time.

To save time and effort, baseball historians have been provided with a “Derek Jeter” rubber stamp—making it easier to add his name to any recently achieved milestone list.

Though clearly benefiting from some of the most potent lineups in team history, Jeter was able to accomplish the feat in just 2035 games played.

Excluding the 2003 season, in which Jeter dislocated his shoulder and was forced to miss 43 games, he scored 110+ runs in nine straight seasons.

This streak included four seasons of 120 or more runs scored, something the great Rickey Henderson could only do two times in 25 Hall of Fame seasons.

Henderson is often considered the greatest baserunner of all time, which helps to underscore Jeter’s impressive run-scoring abilities as a Yankee.

Other milestones such as 3000 career hits are simply inevitable for Jeter, and he will become just the first Yankee to ever reach the magic number.

Jeter will soon be No. 1 on the Yankees all-time hits list, passing Lou Gehrig who sits at 2721.

He will be a surefire first-ballot Hall of Fame inductee, and will deserve every vote that he receives. He is a class act and a role model for children during a dark era in Major League Baseball.

Congratulations Jeter, and we will all look forward to being there for your next milestone’s celebration.


  1. I read somewhere in an article about Jeter climbing the all-time lists that Derek would be the perfect guy to break Pete Rose's record. I couldn't agree more.

  2. He would be the perfect guy, but he will never even come close. Somewhere around 3500-3600 hits is where Jeter will end up in my opinion.


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