Friday, July 17, 2009

Yankees Go Bargain Hunting: The Best Team A-Rod’s Salary Could Buy

The calendar reads July 17, 2009, and lumps are beginning to form in the throats of baseball fans nationwide.

We are now just two weeks away from the much-anticipated July 31 trading deadline.

Countless Yankee fans are begging and pleading for either the services of Roy Halladay or to cling to the newly cultivated prospects littered throughout the farm system.
In the wake of inevitable water cooler discussions in offices across the country, it is time to once again discuss player salaries and payrolls.

This time, however, we are going to shake things up by playing a hypothetical game of General Manager budgeting.

What if you had to construct an entire team using only the league’s largest salary as a budget? What if your only asset was Yankees 3B Alex Rodriguez?

The goal is the create the best roster of players whose 2009 salaries are as close to A-Rod’s as possible ($33 million), but without going over. This challenge is a perfect blend of fantasy baseball and The Price is Right.

Due to the fact that there are so many talented young stars making salaries near the rookie minimum, no roster is allowed to include more than five players with a salary less than $1,000,000.

The roster must include a C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, RF, CF, DH, five SPs, a RP, and a CL.

Feel free to offer your own rosters, any changes you would make to this list, and any feedback or opinionated responses.

Here we go!

C Pablo Sandoval - $401,750
1B Prince Fielder - $7,000,000
2B Aaron Hill - $2,590,000
SS Hanley Ramirez - $5,500,000
3B Evan Longoria - $550,000
LF Ryan Braun - $1,032,500
RF Justin Upton - $412,000
CF Adam Jones - $435,000
DH Kendry Morales - $1,100,000

SP Tim Lincecum - $650,000
SP Zack Greinke - $3,750,000
SP Matt Cain - $2,900,000
SP Josh Johnson - $1,400,000
SP Jon Lester - $1,000,000
RP Heath Bell - $1,255,000
CL Ryan Franklin - $2,500,000

TOTAL 2009 Team Payroll: $32,476,250

Alex Rodriguez’s 2009 Salary: $33,000,000


  1. I have to admit, this was kind of fun

    C Martinez $5,900,000
    1B Sandoval $401,750
    2B Hill $2,590000
    3B Longoria $550,000
    SS Ramirez $5,500,000
    LF Braun $1,032,500
    CF Sizemore $4,766,66
    RF Upton $412,000
    DH Reynolds $422,50

    SP Lincecum $650,000
    SP Hernandez $3,800,000
    SP Johnson $1,4,00,000
    SP Lester $1,000,000
    SP Scherzer $1,450,000
    RP Bell $1,255,000
    CL Broxton $1,825,000

    Total: $32,955,416

  2. Haha yeah wasn't it fun? Nice job with the roster...although Sandoval doesn't play 1st I don't think...I could be wrong but didn't he come up as a C and plays a lot of 3B?

  3. Because of the injury he only played 3 games at catcher this year, they moved him to 1B for a while and he's gotten 18 starts there.


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