Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm: Yankees Opening Day Arrives Tomorrow

The New York Yankees broke camp on Saturday following two exhibition games in the new stadium with the Chicago Cubs.

They finished spring training with a league-best 24-10 record, and displayed the ability to excel in all areas of the game.

The Yankees generated plenty of thunder in launching seven home runs into their newly built stands.

Now experiencing the calm before the storm, players must play the waiting game for Monday’s Opening Day matchup with the Baltimore Orioles.

The pitching matchup features C.C. Sabathia and Oriole ace Jeremy Guthrie.

Making more money per start than Guthrie will make for all of 2009, the pressure is on Sabathia to perform well out of the starting gates.

The Yankees should start the season off strongly in 2009, as the Orioles have not put up a fight since a benches-clearing brawl in 1998.

After closer Armando Benitez drilled Yankees 1B Tino Martinez in the small of the back, Baltimore took its best swings of the next decade.

Unfortunately for the Orioles, they were made with their fists instead of their wooden bats.

The wait is finally over, and baseball has returned to all of our lives. Spring training and the World Baseball Classic are now forced into the rearview mirror as we look forward to meaningful competition.

It should certainly be an exciting year, as New York is buzzing with excitement in 2009 like no other year in the last decade.

Whispers of a Subway Series have already begun to carry on the wind from town to town.

However, the only words that mean anything to baseball fans right now will be emphatically yelled by a home plate umpire in only a matter of hours.

“Play ball!”

Nothing has ever sounded so sweet.

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