Sunday, April 5, 2009

National Sports Talks Radio Debut on Sports Byline USA

I would like to thank Bleacher Report content distributor Aron Glatzer for recommending Heartbeat of the Bronx to Sports Byline USA sports talk radio.

As a result, I made my national debut over the radio waves on Sports Overnight America with host Patrick Mauro.

It was a truly memorable and exciting experience, and was an honor to appear on the No. 1 sports talk radio network in the country.

After approximately a 10 minute radio spot, I came away feeling confident at how the appearance went.

Patrick Mauro is an excellent sports talk host, and anyone with Sirius Satellite radio should absolutely check him out on channel 122 on Saturday and Sunday nights 1-6 AM EST.

He provides a refreshing insight into the world of sports, and appreciates the online "blogosphere" much more than mainstream media.

Patrick is interested in hearing from the most passionate of fans, and enjoys hearing reflections and feelings from those who truly care about the game of baseball he cherishes.

I hope to appear with Patrick again in the future, and wanted to thank everyone who braved the late night hours to listen to the conversation.

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