Friday, April 3, 2009

Heartbeat of the Bronx Given Sports Talk Radio Opportunity

Thanks to the Bleacher Report team, Heartbeat of the Bronx has been recognized as one of the top Yankees analyst blogs on their website.

As a result, I have been given the opportunity to appear on Sports Byline USA, a national sports talk radio network.

Sports Byline USA reaches 2.2 million listeners every week, and is broadcasted from over 200 stations in the US.

Additionally, they can be heard in various armed forces networks, as well as Canada and the Virgin Islands.

I am more than honored to be given the chance to appear with Patrick Mauro during his 10-3 PM broadcast from his California studio.

Patrick has asked me to give a 5-7 minute preview of the upcoming Yankees season, and I will appear sometime around 11 PM PST.

It can also be heard on Sirius Sattlite Radio Channel 122. If you are out drinking on Saturday night, feel free to tune in and listen.

Should be a lot of fun, so long as the Verizon network doees not let me down.

For some information on Sports Byline USA, their station history can be found at:

The program I will be appearing on can be found at:

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